How Populr Got .me Employed

Hi, I'm Will Bridges!

I've been a web developer for 15 years and an entrepreneur just about as long. I've lived in Nashville for 7+ years. I currently run a small company in Nashville called Fashion Bytes, Inc. We primarily build technology solutions for the fashion industry. When I first saw Populr I really wasn't sure how to approach it. Is it a CMS? Is it a Marketing tool? Is it a Sales tool? Is it a website builder tool? The answer turns out to be: Yes. That can be a bit overwhelming to understand so my first task was to break it down in to what I could use it for. I was pleasantly surprised at it's versatility  I found myself using it for marketing, pitching proposals, sales for my company, and selling myself. 

My Resume

It turns out companies need money to survive and grow. Yes, it's true. So, while I work on my startup I have been working a full-time job during the past year to build up a war chest for my own company and have a little security for my family. But, I'm a crazy cult-like serial entrepreneur so I never take jobs that give me too much money to get comfortable and dependent. That's a story for another time :)

Well, anyways, after working at a job for a year doing software for the healthcare industry in Nashville (I know... original!), I got laid off. The project ran out of money and thus they had no money for me. I found myself unemployed. It made me sad and uncomfortable and instead of dwelling on all that I decided to do something interesting to solve my problem.  

Even though we have a pretty hot web development market in Nashville and I'm very experienced, I felt like I really needed to find some way to stand out from the crowd because I didn't just want any job. I'm special, or at least my mom told me I was. Okay, don't judge me!

Anyways, I put together POP about myself ( I did a video introduction that I used Populr to record, I put different formats of my resume on there, and I gave a visual representation of my recent work. For each recruiter I sent it to I created what Populr calls a 'Tracer Link'. This is a unique link that you create when you publish your POP. That tracer link gave me detailed info on engagement. See below:

Why Are Tracers Important?

Let me first apologize to Michael Barlie for publishing his analytics on my personal POP. Sorry, I needed an example, but your're awesome! Thanks for being a good sport, if this content gets important enough to where you actually see this. 

Populr allows you to create these Tracer links to give you passive analytics. You can create and send a special link out to each individual or create a tracer link for your newsletter, or for Facebook, or for a special group of people, etc... Then you get stats like those above back. In fact, if you want, it will even email you every time they click on the link to open your POP. Why is this important? If it's not obvious, I'll explain it. People don't always email you back when you send them something to look at or sometimes people are passive agressive, forgetful, ignorant, lazy, etc... Part of the attraction of this kind of data is simply knowing if they clicked on your link but even a few steps further:

  1. What are they paying attention to?  
  2. How long did they look at it?
  3. What did they click on?
  4. How many times did they come back to the information?
  5. (In my case) Did they download my resume? Did they watch my personal video? Did they watch all of my personal video?

If it's not obvious this information has a great deal of value on whether or not to followup, when you do, and what you discuss when you followup with someone. I had some recruiters that said they went to my POP, and since I sent them a Tracer link, I know they didn't. I didn't tell them I knew they were low down dirty liars but I just took note of it and smiled to myself. However, this leaves you able to call people liars, if you so desire. Probably won't help your sales though.

My incredibly corny attempt at a video introduction from my portfolio POP (

Video, For Me?

Another one of my favorite features in Populr is the ability to create videos within the website. You can literally record a video within Populr's editor and publish it immediately. You can create Youtube/Vimeo video and embed it in to your POP. The first one at the top and to my left is one I did in iMovie and published to Youtube but I've done others since within the website and it's pretty damn easy. A couple examples to the left below the first one. My main use case has been duplicating my business's portfolio pop (, slightly reorganizing my portfolio to put the things at the top that are important to that potential client,  then recording a personal 1 minute video introduction to add extra polish to it. Finally, I create a tracer link and send it to the potential client. The reaction I get is pretty amazing. It's like I created a website just for them, but in reality it took 10 minutes.
A personalized video for a POP I sent a potential client.

In Closing...

So, I put together this post in Populr. That's pretty awesome, right? Remember, I'm watching you with my Tracer links, so click on my videos and watch every one of them. Of course, I'm joking. But for real, you need to get Populr if you are serious about making yourself, your company's sales efforts, your marketing materials, and any other communication you have stand out.

You can also create password protected POPs, which I haven't tried yet, but it sounds pretty cool for sending private information to people or groups.

I'm happy to say that I landed a job after sending out my personal POP to a few amazing recruiters in Nashville and I start on March 18th, 2013. I'm on the Team Plan ($50/mo) with Populr so that I can edit and create POPs with other people in my company as we are all working on sales and marketing materials. But plans start out at free, so give it a try. "POP" has become a noun and verb within our business. We find ourselves saying it around clients, potential clients, friends, family, potential investors, and others who look at us mystified as anyone would be who just heard an inside joke. But, if you aren't using Populr, then the joke's on you. Take care!

~ Will Bridges

P.S. Awesome Background Photo Credit: Jesse Koska (one of the best photogs in town)

Another cool video I did from Barista Parlor in Nashville for a potential client.
This is a video I put together helping one of our client's efforts to describe why their leads should sponsor a contest we are building the software for.

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